Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What I did on my summer vacation...

I joined and flaked, joined and flaked. First I joined the Summer of Socks 2008. I thought, "Easy...knit some socks. No problem." Whoops.

Problem #1 - Baby socks don't count and I had babies this summer. Not me personally but my life had babies. And those babies had feet I couldn't let get cold.

Problem #2 - Patterns. I found one I liked here but didn't get the correct yarns for it. (It's a good idea to look at the pattern before buying yarn for it). THEN I thought I'd try one of the official Summer of Sock Patterns. I knit nearly a whole sock then despaired of knitting the second one because I really, hated...the stitch. The socks were very cute and I'm sure were wonderful for others to knit but so much ssk makes my eye twitch. So I ripped it out and settled on the Yarn Harlot's plain jane sock recipe found here.

Problem #3 - Eric's Afghan. Missed deadline number 1, his high school graduation. I needed to knit the rest of the 72" blanket and I had about 40" to go. No time for socks.

So here it is, September 9, twelve days before the end of the summer and I have 1 quarter of 1 sock done. Flake out, number 1.

Then I joined Ravelympics. I entered WIPsWrestling, giving myself another deadline. I figured that since I was going on vacation and would have Hours In The Car To Knit, I would surely get it done.

So, I packed the blanket and the camera and The Afghan went West.

Here it is at the Corn Palace.
After visiting the Corn Palace, The Afghan decided that it really would rather not get dragged around. I think it's rather sensitive about its dangling ends. So mostly, The Afghan stayed in the car. Here are some of the things that it saw, from the comfort of Lola the Corolla.

Mount Rushmore
The Wind River, Dubois, Wyoming
Mrs. Bison and her tot
Whiskey Mountain Wilderness Area
Mountains near Brooks Lake Lodge, Wyoming
Old Faithful, still being Faithful
Grand Canyon of The Yellowstone River
Beartooth Mountains
Top of the World

And, don't you know, The Afghan STILL wasn't done by the time we got home.

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