Monday, February 12, 2007

Dishcloth Itch Scratched

I found this Great pattern for a modular dishcloth but due to my odd knitting habits or whatever, it is not strictly a square piece. My friend Sharon, when she observed me ripping out, said, "Jolene, it's a Dish Cloth!"

Yup, a wobbly edged, sunny dishcloth.

Should make my dishes sparkle, huh?

Now that that's done, I think I'm over the most recent dishcloth urge.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Another Day, Another Change...

Okay, so now I've decided to devote this to what I'm reading and what I'm knitting and it'll be purely for my own use. It's nice to track what I've done...makes me feel like I really am accomplishing something.

So, as for what I'm reading....

It's another go 'round for the Mitford Series. There is something wise, charming, funny, and real about this little village and it's residents. I've been reading mysteries and this is giving my brain a break from crime. Somehow reading about the simple, daily lives of Father Tim helps to encourage me in my daily life. He and Cynthia and the others, live their faith but have struggles that anyone could have. Reliance on God for making it through, being human, reaching others in the place where they are at. Not being afraid of talking about what is important...and if afraid, overcoming it somehow.

Now, what I've been knitting.

Since the Christmas KAL (where I happily won a prize and am waiting with anticipation for my sock yarn!) I've finished another pair of fingerless mittens. These are for my mom who quilts in her cold basement sewing room and needs toasty hands and free fingers. I used Autumn Walk from Catalina Yarns for the pattern and a lovely handpainted wool/mohair yarn from a local spinner Loretta Pederson/Blackberry Hills. The only "on purpose" change I made was the cables to a 2x2 ribbing. I tried and tried the cables but just couldn't get the hang of it. Everything kept getting tighter and tighter so I decided to make the ribbing change and work on cables another time. I did make a "on accident" change and one mitten is three rows shorter at the top but I tried them on and I'm pretty sure the warmth factor isn't much different.