Monday, April 07, 2008

Let's Play Catch Up: part 1

Knitting. Non sock.

Farmboy's cousin got married in January and for the bridal shower, I had big plans to knit a cute little thing.
First idea: camisole. Second idea: thong.
Final idea: scarf.

Hey! It Could be sexy. Imagine, a black alpaca neck warmer and black stilletos. What's not sexy?

Yarn: Black alpaca grown by Sadie, spun by me

At the last minute, I couldn't find a button so I stole one from my dress coat (baby llama...thought it sort of appropriate), sewed it on quickly...measuring it on Farmboy's neck to get the button placement right...stuffed it, decorously of course, in a bag and sent it on to the shower.


I can be a bit panicked when I am between books. "Must find a book. Must read. Must not let my mind be idle." Ack. This phenomenon can result in some strange book choices. If they're too weird, I am under no compunction to finish a book I don't like. None. Not one.

So what has my panicky little brain been taking in?

Anne Perry A Breach of Promise & The Twisted Root
Martha Grimes The Old Contemptibles
Stephanie Pearl-McPhee - Knitting Rules
JD Robb - Innocent in Death

All this murder and knitting. Maybe I should be watched with the pointy sticks.

My Puppy.

Who is actually nearly three years old. Sophie's cousin Toby came to visit us for a couple weeks and they wore each other out! Toby is Very Serious about playing ball. There is a certain etiquette, certain procedures, a certain chain-of-command that Must Be Followed When Chasing A Ball.

Sophie is a nonconformist.

Yes, that IS blood on the snow. Very serious.