Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ready, Set...

...knit? Or blog? I've been reading blogs and poking around Ravelry and I see all these people who love to knit, apparently, but they also love to tap tap tap away on their computers. I just have one question.

How do people find the time? I mean, to do both? With any regularity? If anyone were to actually read my blog, which I think only one other person besides me has, they would be appalled at the infrequency of my posting. I think it's kinda cool to blog, in a narcissistic sort of way. Kind of like podcasting. It's a person with self confidence to spare that will talk for a given length of time to themselves, basically, about themselves and what they think and what they like. What does that say about the people that like to read or listen?

I actually get inspiration from both sources...I suppose that's the point. Or one of them. I love to listen to Brenda Dayne's "Today's Sweater." I'm Wwaayy behind on that cast. For some reason I think I have to start from the beginning and try to catch up. The KnitPicks Podcast is one of my favorites because it's thoughtful and educational and....I don't know...homey. I'm still finding others. Of course, not all casts have to do with knitting.

I keep finding blogs to occupy my time. Some are about knitting. Some have beautiful photography. Some are hilarious. Some have furry animals.

I love to fritter. It's one of the things I do best. Knitting, reading, blogs and casts.

Fritter On!


I love fall. I love the smell of the leaves. Today I picked apples off of our trees and gathered the windfalls for the deer. The smell of the slightly overripe juice took me back to my grandparents' farm. I love how smells do that to you.

I'm looking forward to the day when I smell a certain aroma and it brings me back to this time in my life when the wind from the southeast brings with it the noxious and rotten smell of turkey manure. I look forward to that day because that means it won't be this day, when I can step outside my house and gag. I have candles burning inside because I don't want to be aware of the fumes that may be leaking into my house.

Oh the life of a farmer. Lovely smells, textures and, if you're supremely unlucky, tastes.

Actually, being a farmer really is the best life. Sometimes the work is difficult. Sometimes the result is poor. Sometimes it's tough to be looked down on and taken for granted and thought to be stupid. BUT....but..but..but! Imagine leading a herd of cows across a field behind a tractor and seeing them begin to graze in a new pasture. Imagine watching calves run at full throttle with the tails straight up in the air. Imagine the smell of freshly cut hay. Imagine that while you're checking fences you find ripe black raspberries. Or you see a deer see you in the woods. Or you are scared out of your wits by a pheasant that flew up right in front of you.

Drought and floods and insects and disease and controversy...all of it's worth the beauty and satisfaction of my life.