Thursday, January 17, 2008

I Do Read

I'm usually reading at least 2 books at a time. If I happen to finish one say, right before bed, I will wander around the house from bookshelf to bookshelf and select a book to bring to bed with me. I may read a bit, I may not even really want to read the book, but I must have a book that I am reading. I saw a counselor once who challenged me to go without reading...except for the Bible...for two weeks. I lasted two. Days.

So, I am currently listening to Emma read by Prunella Scales. This is for knitting. I am waiting for The Lost Continent by Bill Bryson to come from Paperbackswap. That will be the community bathroom book. Farmboy and I both read I'm a Stranger Here Myself and had a great time discussing and reading and laughing with each other. Bedtime reading is Sense & Sensibility but I'm itching for another Anne Perry mystery.

Just wanted to state, for the record, that I read. A lot. Constantly. So if you've read the title of this blog and you know.

I also want to state...this is like saying something out loud so that you will remember it later...does anyone else do that?...that I am going to blog more regularly. I'm thinking weekly.

Farmboy needs my clever and fast fingers to help him put calves into our computer.

We'll really need to push hard.