Thursday, January 18, 2007

Let me tell you about Sophie

I have never had a dog before.

I've been owned by many cats. I have always considered myself a cat person. I like their independence. If a cat comes to you, it's because they really feel that you are worthy of their attention. It's an honor to be acknowledged by a cat.

I like that.

However, I had never been introduced to a Great Dane before.

Sophie came into our lives at the age of 8 weeks. 48 pounds of rapidly growing bones, an empty belly, floppy ears, a whip of a tail and Teeth. Teeth that Must Chew. And cheeks that can easily hide a refrigerator.

She has grown up, literally and figuratively. She no longer has to chew everything that is still for 2 minutes. She does like to cuddle with socks and underwear and she'll give our shoes an affectionate gnaw once in a while but her need to eat furniture seems to be past.

Sophie is a champion farter. The rule seems to be pretty solid. If you can hear it you're probably safe. The sneaky ones seem to coat your mouth and can clear a room in seconds.

I have found what I thought was a cobweb hanging from the ceiling only to find when I go to wipe it down that it's really dried doggy drool. Cleaning has become much more involved. The cat required more vacuuming. Sophie requires buckets of hot water for drool detail.

She is a lap dog in the body of a small horse. I often find her sitting on the couch looking out the window. Don't picture her sitting like other, less significant dogs. Her butt is on the couch and her back feet are dangling and her front feet are on the floor. She also likes to sit on my lap. Imagine a teenager sitting on your lap. Now imagine that this teenager is covered in fur, has long floppy ears and a long line of drool from lip to floor.

That's my girl.

My favorite Dane website has a Dane Owner's Checklist and I am always amazed at how so many of the things listed are really true!

Sophie is busy barking in the background so I'd better go and assure her that the table and chairs are really quite safe.


Starting Anew

This blog at it's beginning, had no purpose. It was like others, just a place to hear myself talk. An online journal. A place to pretend to be literate, wise, poetic, clever.

Now, I hope, it will be a cyber coffee shop for Sara, Judy, and I.

A place to chat, post the odd thought (what? from us? odd? Never!), the obscure observation, the favorite recipe, the sorrowful lament, the deep tearing pains, the funny thing the husband or kids or grandkids said or did, the searing critique of the Seattle Talent on American Idol...whatever.

I've sent the invitations to the girls.

We'll see what happens.

In the meantime....