Saturday, September 08, 2007

I'm a Knitting Scout

Looking through the Scout Badges on Cast On, I've found one that fits me truly. Early on in my return to knitting, I thought that it'd be easy to adapt my handspun alpaca into a simple garter stitch baby bootie. I tried it as written but because my yarn was HUGE compared to the delicate sport weight recommended the booties would have fit a baby giant. Being relatively smart, I thought, and moderately ballsy, in the knitting world anyway, I thought I could adjust the gauge to fit my yarn.

I knit, finished and BEHOLD, when I looked at these, my first baby booties out of my first handspun, I saw not booties for baby humans but booties for baby herons.

I keep them as decoration on a shelf in my living room to remind me of my rebellion against the gods of gauge.

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