Saturday, December 16, 2006

Now I have to find time for this!

I already have trouble finding, Taking Time...for real world activities. Now I've added blogging to my world. Will this become another obsession along with Knitting and Reading?

I've gotten 2 out of 3 Christmas presents completed. A handknit alpaca shawl for Grandma L and wristwarmers for my MIL. 1 sock complete for a large footed person in my life. I've gotten a request for Lovikka mittens and a pair of black wrist warmers. The mittens are in progress but the wrist warmers won't be done until well after Christmas since I have to spin the yarn. Unless I use the black wool I already have....hmmm....I wonder how important it is for it to be alpaca?

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sarasimona said...

Hey Jo! I have big feet, and I love home-knit socks... so if they're still looking for a home...

Sara B.